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This form is important in making sure you are placed in the correct choir

for the 2022-2023 school year, so please READ CAREFULLY.


Note: auditions are NOT required if you're interested in Chorus, only if you wish to be placed in a GT Choir


The form consists of four main sections:

Please follow the directions on each section, and make sure you hit "submit" at the end.


The form will be open for you to fill out from January 3 - 23.

Need info on Choirs? Click Here.

Please email Ms. Geiger at

if you have any questions or concerns.

1) Student Info

2) Prepared Piece

3) Major Scale and Tonal Patterns

4) Optional Sight Reading

Choir Placements 2022-2023

Student Info

Desired Choir Placement - Please check the choir(s) you are interested in joining. You may choose more than one.
If you do not receive your desired choir placement, will you be willing to sing in a different ensemble?
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